Solid Systems Enterprise IT Solutions


Our offer

As the demands and wishes of our customers could not be more diverse, we react to that with a large palette of solutions. So we can offer complete resolutions to small enterprises that have completely externalized their IT. Our services cover all IT requirements from acquirement and configuration of servers, integration of client systems to development and customization of the required software. We aim for our customers to benefit from the latest technologies quickly and un­prob­lema­ti­cally.
In contrast, major customers from industry and IT seek external expert solutions for special modules of their integrated EDV landscapes. We conjointly analyze the requirements, plan and develop the required components and integrate those into the customer's environment.
Our services categorize as follows:

  • complete solutions
  • analysis, advice and planning of your IT projects
  • modular development of operating systems, customized for your requirements
  • installation of diverse server software components
  • development of system, network and server software
  • machine-oriented tuning and optimization of your existing IT structures

Your advantages

In short: With individual software, you simply gain more productivity from your investments, as it is designed for the solution of your own very specific problems. In contrast, general-purpose software is designed to cover more or less all possible needs of a very heterogenous clientele.
In our company, highly qualified experts analyze carefully your demands in order to customize our software to your needs. So you are able to invest solely in our expertise, because the software components we apply are in general free of license fees.

Our concept

  • An individual solution
    Nowadays, the requirements for digital data processing have reached a complexity making it uneconomical to develop completely new software for each single task. Hence there has developed a brisk market of software modules, these can be combined and configured in many ways to fulfill almost all possible requirements.
    The trend goes towards bigger and more general modules which are designed to work for every possible requirement. The wide dispersal of this kind of software can be explained by the lower efforts for the system integrator to adjust the raw software to the customer's needs. On the short term, this enables a better positioning in the software market, as there is less expert knowledge needed.
    The disadvantages are obvious: On the one hand, the generality of the software averts a real fitting to the customer's needs, impairing his productivity, as his demands and procedures have to adapt to the software, and not vice versa! Moreover, generalized software conveys bulks of dead freight: Numerous software components which are unnecessary for the customer. Customers frequently complain about overload of their resources and bad performance. One of the greatest disadvantages is the fact that the larger the amount of software, the larger the number of potential error sources. In practice, this leads to a more frequent malfunction of the customer's software.
    As this is surely not in the interests of the users, we have chosen another path, namely development of individual software. Here we do not search for the most general component which barely covers the customer's demands, but deliberately combine a number of highly specific modules of small to medium size. Adept combination of these modules enables us to fulfill your demands efficiently, purposefully and without additional expenditure. Our customers are invited to take part in the developmental process qualitatively by describing their ideas and desires. Combined with our experience and expertise, we are then able to design software which optimally fits to our customers' needs.
  • Excellent software
    As our software consists of individual components, we are able to choose from a large resource of highly professional and specific modules. So we can purposefully apply highly adapted modules that have been approved in many cases, especially for performance-critical, security-critical or resource-critical tasks, and even customize these these when needed. This is a great advantage to generalized software, for which an adaptation to specific needs is no economical option. Hence we make these technologies, that have been a basis of success for companies like IBM, 1&1, Telekom, or Strato, accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises. We'd like to give you further information on this topic.
  • The open source concept
    One main argument against individual software development is its suspected extra costs. But one may be surprised to find more and more customized software in leading enterprises - not only in the server domain, but also on users' desktops. Governments and public institutions have opted for individualized software. The German government is no longer an exception! Besides sustainability and efficiency, also economical reasons are a main reason for our concept:
    The individual components of our software are generally available for free, there are generally no license fees for our software. Moreover, copying free software is generally allowed, leading to enourmous saving opportunities. So customers have the choice between spending high license fees for a one-fits-all solution and a software which was taylored individually for their specific needs.